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Promote Your Writing and Career via Public Speaking — Six Tips for Success

Magazine editors and book publishers are looking for good written content, and also new readership. Those who can provide both will be welcomed.

Author Bernie Chowdhury speaking at The Explorers Club, NY. Photo courtesy Allan Rios.

It may seem counter-intuitive for writers to actively promote themselves and their work through speaking. However, it is an important part of getting your work in front of an audience.

This is especially true for book authors and aspiring authors.

The tips listed below apply to almost any career, not just to writing.

If you’re not already speaking publicly about your writing and your work, you’re missing a huge opportunity to distinguish yourself and get ahead.

If you’re already speaking, there are ways to improve while increasing your audience.

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How do you start? How do you improve?

Author Bernie Chowdhury signing books after speaking engagement. Photo by John Beninati.
Author Bernie Chowdhury signing books after speaking engagement. Photo courtesy John Beninati.

I’ve learned each of the following six tips for success during the past 30-plus years as a public speaker, conference organizer, magazine editor, author, and as an educator teaching a wide array of subjects in very diverse settings.

I built an audience and name recognition through public speaking as well as through writing.

These combined efforts gave me credibility when I later pitched investors and started an international print magazine.

After that, I landed a significant book deal with HarperCollins Publishers. Print versions were released in eleven languages, plus audio and digital versions.

During my book tour, the lessons and experiences gleaned over years of previous public speaking engagements helped me make a positive impression.

Publicity events included television, radio, and book signings. All of these…



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