Inside a Sunken Battleship

Exploration Evokes Reminiscence

I was 20 feet inside the German World War One shipwreck Markgraf and 120 feet below the water’s surface. I moved slowly — cautiously — methodically — to ensure the fine silt covering all exposed surfaces was left undisturbed.

I breathed in steady, measured, soothingly-rhythmic intervals, something that I had…

  • Writing, Speaking, Career Development

Promote Your Writing and Career via Public Speaking — Six Tips for Success

Magazine editors and book publishers are looking for good written content, and also new readership. Those who can provide both will be welcomed.

It may seem counter-intuitive for writers to actively promote themselves and their work through speaking. However, it is an important part of getting your work in front of an audience.

This is especially true for book authors and aspiring authors.

The tips listed below apply…

Bernie Chowdhury

Author of The Last Dive (Harper-Collins, non-fiction, 2000, published in 11 languages).

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